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We Welcome You to Hire Tablets UK

Hire Tablets UK is one of the leading rental vendors in the United Kingdom that supplies IT and AV equipment across the country and other parts of Europe. Our goal is to deliver the leading technical brands at market-competitive prices to your business events to make it more successful. Our products range from tablets and laptops to LED wall screens.

We are also best known for going the extra mile for our consumers by giving an excellent level of service. We don’t just rent out devices. We also provide you with onsite and offsite assistance. Our Hire Tablets support staff is highly experienced and vastly knowledgeable and they have assisted in the management of all sorts of events. They will take care of any maintenance and troubleshooting that might cause a problem during the event. You can go ahead and focus on your event while we take care of the technical stuff.

We proudly offer our technical devices as they come from the latest releases and are always delivered with freshly installed OS whenever it is rented. Renting iPads is both cost-effective and easy. Additionally, we offer the easiest process for renting iPads, no matter how long you want to rent our products for – a day or even for months.


What We Do?

At Hire Tablets UK, we offer an extensive range of devices – from the latest releases to even the ones from a few years ago. We supply:

and more, across all of Europe. We are committed to provide the most top-notch service to our clients, starting from delivering the devices to making sure that they are working under perfect condition.

We provide an extensive range of IT solutions, from renting iPads to laptops that are available for temporary hire. They are appropriate for events that include:

  • Business presentations and meetings
  • Product or brand launches.
  • Temporary office setup across the UK
  • Educational and training seminars
  • Staff trainings
  • Conventions and awards functions
  • Fundraisers

Why Rent from Hire Tablets?

At Hire Tablets UK, we provide all kinds of technological devices to you – from high-end laptops and iPads to desktop computers such as iMac, at affordable prices. Whether you want it for your upcoming conferences and fundraisers, we offer the latest and top-notch technology you need for your business ventures. Moreover, our professional IT staff are there to provide you with maximum technical support during your event – carrying the devices to your event location, setting it up and being ready to assist you with troubleshooting cases.

Additionally, if you want to rent devices for more than 100 or 200 people, then rental service can prove to be a more cost-effective option for you. Our London iPad hire service products are packed with powerful processors and sharp displays that are best for all kind of events.

Moreover, you don’t have to even worry about transporting the devices as we make sure to deliver them to you in perfect shape at the location and time you desire. In fact, we take care of everything for you – from consultation to securely installing your devices. Our technical staff make sure that every device is set according to how you want it.

The technical devices are available for hire across UK and all other parts of Europe. You can avail our iPad hire UK services with just the click of a button.

By renting iPads and other products from us, you can get the benefit of:

  • Steady customer interaction
  • Quick delivery
  • Adaptability to troubleshoot any difficulties on-spot
  • Powerful IT event management
  • Full equipment security
  • Full installation and setup provided by our experts

iPad Hire for Exhibitions:

As an IT vendor, we understand how important it is for our clients to make sure that their presentations or event goes well with the latest equipment present – these can include iPad, MacBook, iMac and so on. In order to create the best impression they can on their sponsors, clients and guests.

Rather than purchasing hundreds of technological gadgets for your events, paying taxes and the cost of maintenance, renting your devices can be a cost-effective solution for your business. Not only will you save money but also the time and effort you would need to maintain and store the devices. Renting iPads and other devices from us can prove to be a smart choice for your event hosting strategies. Furthermore, it can allow you to focus on hosting the event itself rather than worrying about any device you may have at the venue.

We guarantee you affordable prices for all your rental needs with our cheap iPad hire. We also make sure to deliver you fully charged and even loaded with all the data and applications that you want.

iPad Hire for Trade Shows:

Trade shows are a very important essence for every kind of business, because we understand that in order to get leads and potential customers, businesses need to be visible enough to their target audience. Which is why we are here to supply your events with our latest technological devices. Our London iPad hire services are perfect for:

  • Visual demonstrations
  • Collecting customer information for possible lead generation
  • Running Polls
  • For displaying catalogues and e-brochures
  • For video and interactive demonstrations
  • Application demonstrations
  • Product launches
  • Telecasting news
  • Introducing your products to your audience

How You Can Start the iPad Rental Process:

Renting iPads has never been easier with our quick rental process. In fact, we offer a time-saving and easy rental process for you. Once you have decided on what device you want, our London iPad hire service representatives then ask you simple questions regarding your event, the number of audience you plan to host and the devices you need.

We provide Corporate iPad hire for Events in London, Wales, Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow, Dundee, Dublin and all across Europe as well as in Germany, Ireland, France and Swiss.

iPad Rental France:

In France, we provide the latest devices delivered to you at your doorstep.

iPad Rental Swiss:

In Switzerland, our staff are well-trained and ready to offer you a wide range of IT services.

iPad Hire Europe:

Our services not only exists in London but also extends throughout Europe. Contact us for ipad hire UK

iPad Hire Germany:

Our German staff are well-trained to offer you efficient IT solutions according to your requirements.

iPad Rental Dundee:

In Dundee, we offer extensive event IT management solutions such as ipad hire along with the latest technology available.

Rent iPad London:

Through our expert hire iPad London services, we offer you various devices at cost-effective prices.

iPad Hire Dublin:

In Dublin, we offer a wide range of London iPad hire services – others as well, from iPads to laptops.

iPad Hire Wales:

Through Hire Tablets, you can take our rent iPad Wales service to fulfill all your event hosting needs through technology.

Rent iPad Ireland:

With our iPad Rental Ireland service, you can take advantage of the latest releases at the lowest rental prices. Through our iPad hire Ireland services, you can get excellent IT solutions with great efficiency.

iPad Hire Birmingham:

We offer our rent iPad Birmingham service for corporations and even households to rent iPads at cost-effective prices.

iPad Hire Manchester:

No matter where you are in Manchester, our rent iPad Manchester service offers various devices at your disposal.

iPad Hire Glasgow:

Glasgow, which is one of the most increasingly popular areas of Europe is under our radar and we proudly claim excellent iPad Hire Glasgow service in the whole city.

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iPad Rentals for Events:

If you want to rent iPad for your upcoming business event then make sure to connect with our experts to get consultation on which device is best for you and your event hosting needs. Contact us today for business ipad hire on +44 (0) 20 7862 1702 or email us hire@hiretablets.co.uk




Rent iPad 3 for Your Business Meeting and Presentations:

In today’s busy environment, purchasing several devices can be both expensive and time-consuming. Especially since it can be quite inconvenient to carry hundreds of devices safely to/from the venue and even making sure to deal with any troubleshooting cases that may happen during the event. However, through our business iPad rental services, you can rent iPad 3 with the snap of a finger.




Rent iPad for all Your Technology Solutions:

Using our iPad rental services, you can experience high performance and customer feedback. This is because the iPad can be used as a studio, laptop and a flexible device for all your event hosting and business needs.




Rent iPad 3 with Event Wi-Fi for Exceptional Exhibition Hosting:

With our iPad rental service, you can arrange and connect your event wifi system with the devices to give your employees, students or audience a workflow boost.