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Event iPad Hire

Event iPad Hire for Exhibitions, Charity Fundraisers Workshops, Seminars, Conferences and more

We provide corporate iPad hire that includes the latest technology and services with no end of bespoke options and one of the world’s largest inventories. Need to rent an iPad for conference requirements or team building activities? We offer event iPad hire in any quantity and we’re happy to consult with you on the best solutions to meet the requirements of your business and brand.

What is corporate iPad hire ? It’s the delivery of any of the latest iPads, iPad Pros, iPad minis and iPad Airs as well as any number of accessories that will enable you do to business effectively on a large scale. Our services don’t have to be exclusively for large corporations either- we offer iPad hire for events of any size.

iPad Conference Hire You Can Depend On.

Be it a private event or a professional one, we provide the latest technology and event iPad hire at the best possible price and deliver anywhere. We ensure top products, instant access, excellent customer support, and minimal paper work for your iPad conference hire. We’ll upload software, fully charge the equipment and always deliver on time.

Why you should Hire iPad For Events?

Some people wonder why they should rent. There are so many reasons; in fact, hiring tech is more popular than ever. Here are few points about why renting is a better solution:

1.       Speed: With our rental service, you can get the latest technology, fully configured with the specifications you require.

2.      Investment: You will be able to get compete technological infrastructure at low cost which means you can invest rest in other strategic areas.

3.      Support: We provide both equipment and support services so you get a complete solution for events.

4.      Renewal: Hiring lets you enjoy latest equipment every time and you don’t have to worry about depreciation of the equipment.

5.      Service: We upload the equipment with apps you request, charge everything and deliver it so that it can be used upon arrival.

iPads are useful at events for electronic payment solutions, registration and entry management, Q&A, interevent networking, VIP notifications, Event Software, and much more. Our event iPad hire is known for its quality and we will continue to deliver the results that will help your business to grow.

iPad Rent Exhibition Solutions

We have an incredible selection of the latest iPads and services that are a gold standard in the industry. What are our iPad Rent Exhibition solutions? We’ve provided equipment for exhibitions globally for years, including our iPad for exhibition rentals, AV equipment, digital signage, WiFi solutions, and event staffing. We know the ins and outs of business iPad hire in any form. But especially when you rent iPad for exhibition solutions that include services and an award-winning technical team like ours.

We have a unique strategy based rental system that parallels our clients’ needs. When we are there, our clients know that their event is backed by highest quality products and services. We take pride in saying that we have a strong customer base and our clientele return to us because we provide what we promise- the latest technology and incredible service.

Need more information on our business iPad hire, or any of our event related hardware rentals or services? Please get in touch with our team today!