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Portable WiFi: Plug in and Play.

Event WiFi Rental; anywhere in the UK.

How simple is our new WiFi in a Box? Simpler than your toaster. Simpler than operating your iron. This setup is the easiest thing you’ll do all day- you literally take the plug, insert it into a plug point, and witness the connective magic happening. Within three minutes, your clever WiFi in a Box has conjured up internet for 100 users, with a range of 40 metres, and you have secure, fast broadband with which to get on with your event in any way you choose.

Bespoke, Portable Event WiFi

Perhaps you’ll want to set up personal hotspots with private SSIDs and individual passwords for clients or staff. This solution gives you traffic shaping bandwidth control for every user. You’re in control with WiFi in a Box. WiFi runs concurrently for performance that goes above and beyond- you get 99.9% uptime. Other bespoke features? It offers remote access management- so you can monitor user bandwidth and analytics, and adjust accordingly, as needed.

Wifi in a Box

Uses 4x 4g/LTE-Advanced cellular providers.

Runs concurrently for icreased performance and 99.9% uptime.

Remote access management: user bandwidth and usage analytics.

Traffic shaping and Bandwidth Control per user

Optional additional pricate SSIDs (WiFi networks) and passwords.

Live Remote Support 24/7


An Internet Solution that Can Expand Coverage

Temporary internet for events can be customised depending on what you’re looking for. Maybe you require a bit more coverage or want to grant access to more users. We can help arrange this scalable solution to your liking. Add more power or hire additional units to get the internet you’re looking for. We offer local plug points and the equipment is nicely packaged in an (under 10kg) pelicase that is easy to move with. Use its roller handle, which extends from the box, or lift it with ease using the side handle. It’s perfect for travel on any mode of transportation. We also deliver it anywhere!

Enrich your brand experience through event WiFi.

Event Wifi is better with the right branding- we can help you create branded splash pages, a customised login page, and signage throughout the event that lets guests know about the WiFi network and password. We can build a seamless marketing experience that is subtle, professional and enjoyable. Connect your brand to an event solution that improves your guest experience. Ask any of our consultants for more information.


Event WiFi rental that makes the magic happen.

Your guests can benefit from WiFi in a Box in in a number of ways. User experience is key to any great event. At conferences, strong WiFi helps live polling work smoothly. It enables teleconferencing to proceed without interruption or delay. The importance of a clear connection cannot be underestimated when business events take place.

For festivals, exhibits, pop-up shops and trade shows, payment transactions are simplified through electronic tills, card readers and barcode scanners. Registration is simplified through digital check-in via a full range of WiFi connected devices such as portable printers, barcode scanners, EPOS systems, and electronic tills. Live silent auctions run smoothly at charity fundraisers with the help of connective portable event WiFi. Event apps are just another example of the ways in which reliable event WiFi is necessary. Guest can connect with each other, get directions to different onsite locations, fill out surveys and check themselves in. VIP notifications can be sent to event planners in real time. The possibilities are endless.


We’re always available to help!

Let us know how we can help with your next event. We have a range of event equipment and accessories, software developer partners who can create incredible applications and content, and network engineers who know everything there is to know about event WiFi, because they have installed it throughout the world.

Contact us anytime for more information about WiFi in a Box, or any of our event products or services.