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Wide Range of Macbook Pro Rentals Available

We provide a wide range of MacBook Hire and MacBook pro rental services to our customers. Our line of products includes:

  • MacBook Pro Quad Core I7 15″
  • 27″ iMac w/ Retina 5k Display
  • MacBook Pro 2.5 I5
  • MacBook Pro Retina
  • MacBook Pro
  • MacBook Pro Touch Bar hire

MacBook hire for Students

One of the most prominent features of the student life is the tight budget most students have to survive on. At Hire Tablets, we understand and support the importance of education. Therefore, we believe a tight budget should not be an obstacle when opting for a MacBook pro rental. In recent years, digital technology has started to play an ever-increasing role in the educational arena. With this understanding in mind, we have launched MacBook pro hire for students in London seeking to obtain their education more effectively. Whether you are a university student or a teacher at a school, we have MacBook pro rental available for you.

MacBook Hire for Nonprofit Organizations

Non-profit and charitable organizations have a lot to gain from MacBook Hire especially when it comes to presenting or holding a conference for your generous donors and investors. We know, as a nonprofit organization, it can be difficult to secure funds. With ever-tightening funds, buying a computer can become a difficult task, especially when the said funds need to be put elsewhere. The requirement for an efficient computer to perform important tasks remains unfulfilled. At this point, a MacBook pro rental can save the day. Easy on the budget and smart technology delivered right to your doorstep!

MacBook Pro Rental

Private companies

Conferences, meetings, and seminars are a frequent occurrence in the corporate sector. A powerful business laptop like a MacBook Pro is an indispensable asset to ensure your presentations and displays run without a glitch. With an ever-improving range of processing capabilities and new updates in the iOS, you will not have to worry about any lagging or frozen screens.

Hiretablets has now streamlined the process of MacBook hire so that companies and businesses can proceed with their rental as soon as possible. Without any further ado, you can now arrange last-minute rentals and still hold a successful conference.

Educational purposes

Are you a school teacher looking for innovative and smart ways to improve classroom learning? If so, you are in the right direction. Polls show an overwhelming majority of teachers notice a boost in student learning when computers are incorporated in the classroom. Educational games are quite popular amongst younger pupils and are reported to have increased interaction. For older pupils, word processing software comes in handy and can make projects and reports less tedious. The benefits are not only limited to students – you as a teacher can also avail the advantages of teacher support websites to take your teaching up a notch.

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More about MacBook pro Hire London

Quick service

Have a broken laptop that needs a replacement immediately? HireTablets provides quick service rentals for emergencies. Contact us right away for a temporary replacement for your Macbook. Don't, worry, we have it covered for you!


We are a full service, “one-stop” IT solution. In addition to our MacBook hire, we also offer supplementary services to make your event a success.

Quality rentals

Our MacBook pro hire London service takes pride in its ability to deliver its promises every single time. This includes delivering our clients quality products only. All items are thoroughly checked for any faults before being dispatched to their destinations.


The biggest advantage of opting for a Macbook Pro rental is that it is less expensive as compared to purchasing. Keeping our client’s budget in mind, our MacBook pro hire London service takes special care to ensure you get the most affordable options.

Rent MacBook for a sleek, smart, and user friendly experience, today!