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Transform your Event

If you aim to create a lasting impression or gain your audiences' attention, a video wall will let you do just that. Its easy customizability means your display can be as unique as you wish, depending on your creativity. Whether you want to set up the display in a unique geometric shape or stun your audience with bright, high-resolution images, a video wall will breathe life to your Imagination.

The most convenient aspect is the video wall rental offered by Hire Tablets. We have professional quality, superior machinery that we lend to our customers to make their event a hooting success.

Video Wall Rental – a worthwhile investment

There are multiple visual options available but we believe a video wall rental is the best one out there. This versatile piece of technology has been aiding businesses and corporations in launching successful events – you can benefit from it too.


One of the primary concerns our clients have about setting up a visual is about its resolution. Unlike with projector hire, you don't have to worry about split or stretched images. This is because a video wall is a different technology. It is a backlit display system that can handle high-resolution images. In fact, what makes video walls stand out from other large-sized visual technologies is this particular feature only. The video wall is independent of external lighting – no matter what time of day or night it is, your video wall will display images with the same clarity and crispness. Interested in knowing more? Contact us to hire LED video wall.


If you are looking for ways to make your brand truly memorable, a LED video wall offers just the solution. Think of it as a flexible canvas – you can showcase whatever content you want but at the same time be able to arrange the canvas in various positions too. Here, only your creativity and budget are your limits. Otherwise, you can stand out from the competition by putting up a display that looks right out of a science fiction movie.

Our trained technicians can guide on the video wall rental option available when you rent video wall from us. Need ideas? Our video wall rental specialists can help you with that too.



Perhaps the most striking feature of a video wall that sets it apart from a projector is its durability. Projectors, though a cheaper option, concern users due to a lack of reliability. Its parts are susceptible to burning out and need to be replaced frequently. The same is true for high-end projectors too as they at one point need replacement and cannot remain operational for an extended amount of time. A video wall consists of powerful machinery that is designed to last and remain functional without downtime. Renting a video wall for events that lasts multiple days or for more than twenty-four hours is an excellent idea.


Worried about the type of input sources compatible with the video wall? There is no need for that. Our hire LED video wall is an adaptable, all-round technology that can connect and display content from all types of sources; it doesn’t matter if it is your desktop computer, laptop, or a DVD.

If you rent video wall from Hire Tablets, our technicians can guide you with the setup process on the day of your event and provide extra technical support. To find out what else we can do for you, please message us.


This bezel-less, slick technology can make sure your event looks neat, high tech, and impressive. Stay sharp and ahead of your competitors by introducing capturing and innovative content on the big screen. Since this is a multipurpose system, a video wall rental can also be used for other projects such as fashion shows, launches, and so on. Our hire LED video wall service knows how to set up the system in a neat, beautiful manner so that there are no eye-sores like hanging wires or metals visible.



At HireTablets, we aim to give our clients a satisfactory experience. Only high quality products in good condition are rented out to our clients because we believe in building lasting relationships with our clientele.


We only invest in powerful machinery. When you opt for a video wall for events, you get top-notch products. As a result, we can proudly state our machinery will not hang and lag. It will work seamlessly without any glitch throughout the rental.


Video wall for events requires technical assistance to be installed. Our team of technicians has been specially trained in understanding the requirements of our clients and proving services that are at par with the client’s expectations. Our Hire LED video wall service comes along with exceptional customer support too.


Have queries about the video wall for events? Feel free to send us your question, we offer instant consultations.

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