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Essential iPad Apps for Journalists during the Campaign Season

Tech Rental A Godsend for News Outlets in Campaign Season

With thousands of useful iPad apps, it is becoming more convenient for journalists to keep up with their career. By using the latest tech and apps, reporters can stay up to date, write and record articles, and even publish them all on one device.

Here are a few essential apps that can do everything from organizing your notes to backing them up:


For a journalist, storage is something that plays an important role. They have to keep stacks of notes and pictures to stay updated. It allows them to easily organize and assemble a report during a campaign season. Evernote allows you to capture everything and has no additional charges for extra memory. It even searches keywords, tag, and more. All this can be done by using your handy iPad.


Dragon dictation is a free app that turns your iPad into an audio recorder. You can simply begin recording interviews, notes, lectures, and much more with a single tap. The best feature about this app is that it automatically converts voice note to the text which can help you well during the campaign season. You can save all the recordings and writing documents in your folder or share it online.


This voice recording app is not similar to other apps. It enables you to record voice notes, set reminders, and take dictations, meetings, interviews, shopping lists, to-do lists, and even entire lectures or seminars. In a single tap, you can create unique ringtones.


Gone are those days when Teleprompters were used for the president or newscasters. This app allows your iPad to function as a teleprompter. You can control font, texts, size, background and more to host an amazing presentation or documentary.


Word Press, a leading name in publishing online blogs and being a journalist you can’t miss anything new. This app allows you to work directly with Word Press where you can compose, comment or even track the top stories. You have to make a premium account to access Word Press in your iPad. Also, you can visit Hire Tablets to get the latest tech on the go.


The job of a journalist is never easy, you always have to break in someone’s story. You can use Tweetdeck to make customizations and post tweets to stay ahead during the campaign season.


QIK is a great app for journalists that are on the fields during the campaign season. It allows you to make instant videos and share them with online social media channels like YouTube and Facebook. All this app require is a simple registration process and you’re good to make videos public or private.


It includes all bulletin and minute-to-minute breaking news. It doesn’t matter if you are busy with the campaign season or working in your office. The CNN app will keep you posted to what is happening around you.


Before the birth of iPad, it was rumored that journalists can’t write anything without first looking at “The New York Times”. Though the NY Times app has turned the tables for the journalists by allowing them to stay connected and posted, even during the campaign season. It offers updated features that include blogs, slide shows, and videos.