Ipad Keyboard Shortcuts that You Should Know

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February 24, 2021
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March 31, 2021

Ipad Keyboard Shortcuts that You Should Know

ipad keyboard shortcuts

iPad for a conference or business event where data entry is also required may require users to use an iPad compatible keyboard. Although iPads have an onscreen keyboard and input devices such as Stylus pens of Apple Pencil are often used, by using a physical keyboard you can expand the data entry capabilities and take your iPad conference hire decision to another level.

Rent iPad with Keyboard

If you rent iPad with keyboard you have a range of options and type of keyboards you can considering renting. You can rent a Bluetooth Keyboard or iPad case with an integrated keyboard.

 Its important to ensure that the keyboard you have will be acceptable for your particular use case.

For example, if you are providing iPads with keyboards in the United Kingdom for accountants, you may want to ensure you are using a English UK keyboard with appropriate symbols such as £ as not all users may be confident to work around this. Likewise, users in France or Germany may want other variations other than QWERTY such as AZERTY or QWERTZ.

Ipad Keyboard Shortcuts that you will Need for your Conferences

If you use iPads for Conferences or conventions and need to ensure your event iPad Hire experience goes well, it might be good to explain to users some useful keyboard shortcut commands compatible with iPad which can improve productivity and save time.

The most popular short cut key to come out of an app and back onto the home screen is by pressing COMMAND-H at the same time. This will close the window you are in and take you to the homepage.

Screen shots are a lifeline and work well in a conference environment. If you are viewing a live slide and want to grab a screen shot. To do this when the iPad is laid on the table with a keyboard you can simply press the combination COMMAND-SHIFT-3. This will save the screen shot in your pictures.

And another very useful tool during business events where and iPad is being used with keyboard case is to take a screen shot and immediately open markup to make annotations. To do this press the combination COMMAND-SHIFT-4

iPad Hire UK

These are just some of the useful tips when renting iPads for business events together with an external keyboard form HireTablets. Our support team is available to support customers on Rental 24/7. Contact our team for more information on your next iPad conference hire enquiry for small or large events. You can rent iPad anywhere in the world from Hiretablets with local offices and depots world wide.