August 2, 2019
August 19, 2019

Use iPads To Drive Customer Engagement through the Roof

Use iPads To Drive Customer Engagement through the Roof

Hosting a large-scale event can take a great amount of energy, time, and money. The last thing you would want to do is to fail at engaging your event audience.

There is no denying that when you host an event, there will be hundreds of attendees that will give you the chance to engage them into what services or products that your business is selling. Many attendees can even be potential sponsors for your company. However, the real question is – how do you get their attention? Or a more importantly, what technology allows you to get increase customer engagement at your event more easily?

Among many different types of technological devices, latest iPads are the best devices that can maximum customer engagement from your target audience. There are several ways you can utilize iPads to drive customer engagement towards your business.

Allow Leads to Capture Your Audience

The hundreds or even thousands of people that come to your event are precious leads that you do not want to lose. A number of applications in an iPad can allow you to easily get the attention of your audience, while also receiving their contact information on-the-spot.

You can hold various competitions or even just a “check-in to get free chocolate” area where your audience can go and participate. Then, by ipad hire for events, you can get their contact information while making the whole experience as entertaining as possible for them.

Polls and Surveys

IPads can be a quick tool for you to hold polls and surveys. You can write down easy queries for your attendees and have them select the answers from various easy options. Not only will this be entertaining for your audience, but it can also help you to learn more about their needs related to your services.

For example, if your business is a beauty brand, you can ask your audience about their favorite fruit. Depending on the most popular answer, you can incorporate that specific fruit into your next skincare product. That is how you know what the most popular consumer choice is.

Bring Your Online and Physical Store to the Event

Modern consumers appreciate it when you give them various options to purchase from their brand. Mainly because while some like to shop online, others like to personally go to a store to buy their desired products. Here is how you can implement your online and physical store to an event:


The click-and-collect method lets consumers purchase a product online and pick it up from your store. Not only is this technique convenient for your customers, but also helps to drive more traffic towards your physical stores.

Bring Your Online Website to the Event:

Make shopping more easy for your customers by letting them browse through your products or services through an iPad. This method can be very effective, especially if you are not going to carry all your stock in one event area.

Customer Feedback

Getting a feedback of how your customers feel about your products or services is very critical for the growth of your business. By using an iPad, you can make it easy for your consumers to provide efficient feedback. Many brands use iPads to ask the questions from their customers, while some simply ask shoppers to rate their shopping experience before they leave the store.

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